Matt Brooks


Hi, I am Mathew Brooks. I was born in 1996 in Kennewick and have lived in the Tri-Cities for pretty much my whole life. I began attending Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities when I was in 3rd grade and have come since.

My faith really began to become my own in middle school and it lead to a lot of struggles for me. I understood God was real and wanted a relationship with me but I couldn’t distinguish from being saved by faith and saved by works. This struggle of faith, grace, and works continued until I graduated from high school in 2015. At that point I was fed up and couldn’t do it anymore, I was failing as a Christian so I walked away from the Lord. During that time the Lord continued reaching out to me through my now current wife and family around me. I thought music, friends, drinking and fun would give me the happiness and purpose I needed. After 4 months of complete darkness I sat down at Taco Bell, ate a burrito and gave my life to the Lord again. I understood that the things I was trying to fill my life with weren’t going to fill me and I needed Him, I knew that I couldn’t do the things He wanted me to do so I asked Him to be the one doing them through me because I knew how a relationship with God goes and I had already failed at it once.

Over the following months my relationship with God grew intensely and I fell in love with serving. I served in children’s ministry with my family doing worship, I served in jr high and worship for big service. After following the Lord for a couple months I began dating my wife and the Lord worked radically and quickly in our relationships with one another and Him. We got married in May of 2016 and God has been continually blessing me with the second best gift in the whole world since then.

In spring if 2018 I was asked to take the position of “Jr High Guy” and after  much prayer and confirmation the Lord called me to it. One of the biggest things God said to me was from Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” This verse stuck out to me so much because that is exactly what happened with me under my parents and Jr High Pastor Zach Lamberson, they and he spoke the truth and trained me in the way of the Lord and those lessons and truths always stuck with me through my years of struggling with God. Since taking the position of “Jr High Guy” my wife and I have had two boys, Morri and Sulli.

I feel the constant blessing of the Lord in my life when I look at my family, the people I serve with and the people I get to serve. God is so good to me and I see His love every day. I just want to serve Him because I love Him so much and am so grateful for Him.

Matt is an associate pastor here at Calvary and the contact for jr. high ministries.

If you have a question for Matt, or to request a counseling appoint with him, please use the email information below.