Matt Lewis


Hello, this is Matt Lewis.  The Lord has blessed me exceedingly with an amazing life, wife and family and gave me an opportunity to serve Him in full time ministry, beginning January of 2020.  It didn’t start out that way, however.  I’m a local boy, born and raised in the Tri-Cities.  My father was a full-time traveling musician playing rock and roll for 20 years until I arrived in 1982.  He left everything behind except the alcohol and became a fireman and my mom started a daycare.  I have a sister two years younger.  Growing up we attended church on holidays because they wanted something better for their kids but didn’t understand that only Jesus can change your life, not religion.  I attended Awanas “Cubbies” and church camp as a youth, which was the first time I remember hearing the gospel presented.

I graduated from Southridge High in 2000, then went to Arizona for 2 years to attend MMI (motorcycle mechanics institute) and ride dirt bikes.  My dream in life at the time was to ride pro-motocross.  I came back and worked at a local shop, where the Lord started to turn up the heat to get my attention.  Many things took place over the next 5 years as the Holy Spirit was drawing me, but a couple events stand out in front.  My dad disappeared, apparently drowned, and I had a friend who I partied with get saved.

God used those events specifically, to show me what following Jesus really meant, and where to find a purpose in life in my quest for meaning and truth.  Long story short, my dad was living in a trailer out in Benton City separated from his wife and family, struggling with depression and alcohol to the very end of his time.  I didn’t want that life.  More than anything.  By God’s grace he did accept Christ a few years before he passed, which continues to assure me of the doctrine of regeneration to this day.

Secondly, my dear friend left the world to follow Jesus and it revealed how fake I was, playing church and not understanding the difference between religion and relationship.  That friend started a men’s group, replacing Friday night parties with the word of God, where a group of brothers dedicated their life to the Lord and still serve Him 17 years later.  My journey from there into ministry was different than some.  I didn’t go to seminary and try and find a job working at a church.  I never liked church growing up and I had no aspirations to be a Pastor at the time.  I just read my bible and believed what it said, and God began to change me and rebuild my life.

During those “building years”, I met my wife Amber and we now have 3 children, Elliana, Eli, and Elsie.  They are all a joy to me, and it’s been amazing to see how God grows people who love Him in their unique way.  God called me into Law enforcement in 2007, working corrections at the Benton County Sheriff’s Office until 2016, when I transferred to Hanford Patrol.  Those 13 years in LE were invaluable to me, as an insight to understand the real world and how to minister to the people in it.  During my career, I always wanted to serve the Lord.  I started out as an usher and through prayer and God’s blessing, was given an opportunity to host a question and answer show with Pastor Steve that we still do today, almost 9 years later.  At some point I was asked to be an elder and in 2015 I was asked to go help start a Calvary Chapel satellite church, in a small farming community that is Connell WA.  I spent 3 years there, until the Lord called my brother in Christ to move and become their head Pastor.  Shortly thereafter, I was asked to come on staff in the Tri-Cities.  I am excited about what God is doing and what He has planned.  I now know by experience, that serving Him is the greatest adventure in life, where knowledge, wisdom, truth, hope, purpose, meaning, forgiveness, mercy, and grace are found.  I will continue following Him until He calls me home.  For where else would I go (JOHN 6:68)?

Matt is an associate pastor here at Calvary. 

If you have a question for Matt, or would like to request a counseling appoint with him, Matt, please use the email information below.