Church Services

THIS SUNDAY 4/21: 7:30a, 9:15a, 11:15a and 6p in the Calvary Sanctuary | Children's Ministry provided for all services except 7:30a | THIS WEDNESDAY: 6:30p in the Sanctuary with special guest teacher Jason Lisle.

NEXT SUNDAY 4/28: 8:30a, 10:30a and 6p in the New Calvary Sanctuary | Children's Ministry provided for all services. 

About Sunday School

Children's Check-in and Pick-up Changes: Check-in for all ages will move to the old sanctuary.  Grades K-4 through 5th grades will stay in the sanctuary for worship.  Nursury and Lightning bug kiddos will be dropped off in their normal rooms.  All ages and grades will be picked up in their normal classrooms.  Parens, please use the upstairs doors that connect to the Ed Buidling to pick up your kiddos after service. We thank you for your patience during this transition! We love to see your kiddos!

For children that attend Sunday School, this is how we help them stay healthy. 

  • Please check your child's temperature before coming to church and keep them at home if they are sick. 
  • We utilize the open space of the outdoors for as many activities as weather allows. 
  • Snacks given are sealed and pre-packaged only.

If you have questions about our upcoming services, please email us at calvarychapeltricities@gmail.com or for questions about our children's ministry please email gregcctc@gmail.com.