Church Services

THIS WEEK: On Sundays we meet a 7:30a, *9:15a, *11:15a and *6:00p in our sanctuary. *childcare provided 

On Wednesdays we meet at 6:30p with childcare.

Join us on Christmas Eve this year! We will host two Family Services on Christmas Eve at the following times and locations: 10a at the Hapo Center in Pasco | 5:30p in the Calvary amphitheater. Bundle up for the service at Calvary that will include candlelight caroling and bonfires.  Invite your friends and bring your kids to both, as childcare is not available.  

Below are a few basic safety steps we are taking in regard to Covid-19: 

We are concerned about those most vulnerable, but at the same time understand that you are an adult and you are able to make your own decisions about health issues. That said, we encourage you, if you are 65 or older, to prayerfully consider whether you should remain home. We will continue to broadcast the studies online for those who need to stay home or may be uncomfortable with a public meeting at this time.

Though masks are not mandatory, they are of course welcome if you so choose. We do have a few masks on hand for those who would like one. 

Also, out of love and concern for others, we ask that you check your own temperature and that of your family before coming to church. If anyone in your household has a temperature over 99.5, stay put please!

About Sunday School

We would love to see your kiddos, but we understand that kids are kids. So if you feel uncomfortable with your children attending Sunday school, please feel free to continue to watch from home or bring your kids into service to sit with you. For children that do attend Sunday School, this is how we'll help them stay healthy. 

  • Please check your child's temperature before coming to church and keep them at home if they are sick. 
  • We will utilize the open space of the outdoors for as many activities as weather allows. 
  • Snacks given will be sealed and pre-packaged items only.
  • We will staff available to take kids' temperatures if someone were to appear to feel sick.

If you have questions about our upcoming services, please email us at calvarychapeltricities@gmail.com or for questions about our children's ministry please email gregcctc@gmail.com.