Matt Kessie


“Greetings! I was born in Kadlec Medical in Richland in the year of our Lord 1977. Debbie Boone’s “you light up my life” was the number one hit song 10 weeks in a row. Fitting, since that’s when this little light entered the world. Ah yes, the sweet sounds of star wars laser gun and a crying sister filled our house with warmth & affection. I grew up in a loving Christian home (I got in trouble usually when my sister cried, which was often) with a younger sister, a brother and both parents. We had a rat dog named Jamie. I loved her. I am ashamed.

Growing up in our school district during the 80’s was a real pleasant time. I can’t think of a single acquaintance in school that came from a divorced home. It was reared in us to wait for marriage and to keep ourselves pure. Teenage pregnancy was scarce. I went to a baptist church that was full of people who loved Christ with me being one of them. I gave my life to the Lord when i was 8 (my dad introduced me to Him) and it was real.

Yet the world was changing and I didn’t know how to be a Christian and be popular at the same time (actually I didn’t even really know how to be popular). I didn’t know how to live righteously and fit in with my friends, but praise God for conviction! Something in me kept me from going overboard. With all of my failures and weaknesses, how great the grace of God protected me and transformed me! When one gives his life to Christ at a young age it’s a wonderful thing because of the sure foundation he starts off on.

Ironically, the process of understanding how marvelous God’s grace is can almost put one at a disadvantage, not that it is; just that it can seem as such. What do you do when you’ve been a Christian for 8 years and you fall into an area of sin that you know better than getting yourself into? How many times did I pray, “God, i don’t even want to pray right now, i’m tired of saying sorry for the same thing over and over and i’m just embarrassed”.

But, my senses came to me (praise God!). I asked myself the same question I still ask myself today, “where would I go if I left Christ? what would I do?” the answer is nowhere, and nothing. I’ve got nothing without Christ. I’m not just saying this because it’s theologically or ethically correct, it really is this way. I’ve got nothing without Christ. Not that I just believe in His existence but all that I have revolves around Him. Not just His teachings...Him. He is the express image of God. So this is Matt in a nutshell: I’m weak and He is my all in all. That’s my testimony.”

Matt is an associate pastor here at Calvary and is the contact for Sr. High ministries.

To contact Matt, or to request a counseling appoint with him, please use the email information below.