Mitch Dunfee


"Hi. I am Mitch Dunfee and I became a Christian at 28 years old, proof that Jesus will take anyone.

I grew up with an alcoholic dad that, when sober, was a great dad. Unfortunately the sober times were overwhelmed by the periods of drinking. It is amazing how God used this in my life.

You see, as I became an adult I began to try and make sure I was doing better than my dad. I had a steady respectable job, I only got drunk once or twice a month (after i turned 23), I did not beat my kids because I was drunk and out of control.

You see, I had a mark to measure how good of a guy I was. I was better than a drunk. 

When I was 23 I met and ultimately married Marci and after two years of marriage she somehow was not as impressed with my incredibly high standard of being better than a drunk and left me for about a month. We reconciled for our kids sake but things were building up again between us because I could not be a man that put others needs truly before himself.

Marci became a Christian at this time and her life radically changed. She became this faithful giving compassionate person that I now could not live up to. It is easy to be better than a drunk but impossible to meet the standard saw in her life.

I gave up trying to be good enough 6 months later and accepted Jesus as my only hope to be the man I wanted to be. When you become a Christian you do not see all the changes God is making in your life but a year later i looked up a realized my life had radically changed.

In the past 26 years there is nothing Jesus has not asked me for: jobs, positions, where I live, even my family and every time I have said yes to Him, He has given me better than i could have ever imagined.  I get the awesome privilege of serving Jesus and seeing Him change lives, mine most of all."

Mitch is an associate pastor here at Calvary and the contact for men’s ministries.

If you have a question for Mitch, or would like to request a counseling appoint with him, Mitch, please use the email information below.