Home Fellowships

Many couples and individuals at Calvary open up their homes for midweek Bible study and accountability groups.  
We want to encourage you to get plugged in and fellowship. 
​To find a study, click on the map or see the list at the bottom of the page.



Nelson Takata

WHEN: Saturdays @ 9:30am
​WHERE: Takata Tae Kwon Do
3513 W. Clearwater
​WHO: Men
​MORE INFO: 509-308-5143

Nick Rice

WHEN: Sundays @ 6:30pm
WHERE:4806 Seville Dr. 
​WHO: Young Adult Guys
​MORE INFO: 509-554-9967



Zach Lamberson

WHEN: Mondays @ 1:30pm
​WHERE: 6501 W 20th Ave
​WHO: Young Adult Men
​MORE INFO: 509-460-3094

Christy Lamberson

WHEN: Mondays @ 7:00pm
​WHERE: Kylie Downard's home
​WHO: Young Adult girls
(20 and under)
​MORE INFO: contact Christy
@ 509-366-5504


Travis Morrow  

WHEN: 6:00am
WHERE: Calvary Cafe
(ZOOM available)
WHO: Men
MORE INFO: 509-521-8906

Rob & Becky Hammons

WHEN: 6:30pm
​WHERE: 4204 S. Coulee Vista Dr.
​WHO: Everyone (no childcare)
​MORE INFO: 509-531-7505

Mitch Dunfee

WHEN: 6:30pm
WHERE: Calvary Cafe
WHO: Men
MORE INFO: contact office

Marshall Almarode 

WHEN: 7:00pm
WHERE: 13303 West 7th Ave.
WHO: 2nd Chance; 18 or older
MORE INFO: 509-582-5627

Ryan & Esther Orozco  

WHEN: 6:15pm
WHERE: Call or text for location
(ZOOM available)
WHO: Young Married (no childcare)
MORE INFO: 509-539-4382

Joe & Jenni Cotta

WHEN: Every other at 6:30pm
WHERE: 910 Durham Ct
WHO: Everyone (childcare available)
MORE INFO: 509-832-1877


Joe Cotta

​WHEN: 6:30pm
​WHERE: 1400 Paterson Rd.
​WHO: Everyone (childcare available)
​MORE INFO: 509-832-1877


Dave & Kim Montague

​WHEN: 1st & 3rd @ 6:15pm
​WHERE: Call for directions 
WHO: Everyone
​MORE INFO: 509-539-4256

​Jamey & Kadi Lamberson

​WHEN: 2nd & 4th @ 6:30pm
​WHERE: Call or text for location
WHO: Young Families
(kids welcome) 
​MORE INFO: 509-948-1104

Charles & Denise Isaak 

​WHEN: 6:30pm
​WHERE: please call for location
WHO: Everyone (no childcare) 
​MORE INFO: 406-799-4350

Tim & Dana York

​WHEN: 6:30pm
​WHERE: 118 Fairwood Ct.
​WHO: Singles (no childcare)
​MORE INFO: 509-405-5436

Steve & Kris Simunds

​WHEN: 1st & 3rd @ 6:30pm
​WHERE: please call for location
​WHO: Couples who complete re|engage
​MORE INFO: 509-531-7270

Rod & Denise Skeen
​Benton City

​WHEN: 6:30pm
​WHERE: 32834 E Red Mt Rd
​WHO: Everyone (no childcare provided)
​MORE INFO: 541-377-2332


Brandon & Candice King

WHEN: every other @ 6:30p
WHERE: 615 Highland Dr.
WHO: Couples (childcare available)
​MORE INFO: 509-460-1156 

Rob & Cindy Heimann

​WHEN: 6:30pm
​WHERE: 5109 W. 18th Ave.
​WHO: Everyone (no childcare)
​MORE INFO: 509-713-5498