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Kid's church is available...
Sunday - 9:15am | 11:15am | 6:00pm
Wednesday - 6:30pm

We are committed to give every child that comes through our doors the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire every child to know that he or she is loved by God, and by us, as we serve them through the teaching of the Bible.

See our mission statement at the bottom of the page. 


Calvary now has "Lightning Bugs" Sunday school class for children with special needs taught by our trained teachers and helpers. They meet during our 11:15a service in room 201. If you are interested in this class for one of your kiddos, please stop by the ed building and talk to our Children's Ministry Director (Greg DeRoos) or complete the questionnaire form below so that we can best serve your family.




Why we don't encourage kids under 6 in the Sanctuary?
A note from Steve:
We have family worship on Sunday night, followed by an adult Bible study and kid’s ministry in the Sunday School. At Calvary our focus is on the importance of the teaching of God’s Word in an environment that makes it as easy as possible to understand (Neh. 8:2, 3, 7, 8). It is important for both adults and children to be able to come to Jesus. In light of this our services are age appropriate whether in the adult service or in the children’s ministry. We believe it is not a good thing to bore children with a teaching of God’s Word that is inappropriately complex for their age level. We don’t want kids to hate church. In addition, because it is so important for people to understand and apply God’s Word we try to keep the teaching environment one in which there are as few distractions as possible. This is particularly essential for those who don’t know Christ and are being given an opportunity to make a commitment to follow Him. Because of this, we ask that parents with kids 5 and under use our children’s ministry. We are sensitive to those families that are visiting (what kid wants to go into a strange Sunday school class on a first visit?) so we provide a family room and Café for visitors and also a couple of mother’s rooms for nursing moms. While kids are welcome to sit with their parents, we find that they have a better experience in the children’s ministry. Children’s ministry is important to us and we try to do an excellent job reaching our kids.



MOTHER’S ROOMS ~ In the back of the sanctuary there is a room for mothers and their babies. This room is reserved for women only and has tinted windows for privacy. The service can be heard through adjustable speakers. In order to keep all babies healthy, the mother’s room is for healthy babies only.  

FAMILY ROOMS ~ An additional room is available on the other side of the sanctuary for visitors and so that daddies can care for young infants as well. Again, this room is not for sick babies, but for infants too young to be left in our nursery, or babies who just need their mommy or daddy today. The Calvary Cafe offers another option for families with a feed of the service via TV.  


WHERE DO I GO FIRST? Stop by the visitor’s desk in the education building main hallway. Our friendly volunteers will get your child a nametag sticker for the class he/she will be attending. Children are placed in classes according to their age/grade. Parents will be given an ID number so we can contact you if needed. Children will then be escorted to their class and introduced to their teacher.

1st TIME JITTERS?  Our volunteers are trained to help your child feel safe and comfortable.  In the occasion we are unable to console an upset child, we will call a parent back to the classroom.  Parents are also welcome to stay and observe!

DO WE HAVE TO REGISTER?  At the time of check-in, parents are given the option to register their child. Registration gives your child a permanent name-tag so you do not have to stand in the visitor’s line each time you attend church. You can register the first time you visit or any time afterwards.


NURSERY CARE ~ Children 3 months through 2 years are cared for by volunteers that love to love your babies!  We keep the nursery ratio at 1 volunteer for every 3 babies for the safety of your children.  We ask that sick babies stay home to keep our nursery a healthy place.  A TV monitor is set up outside the nursery so that parents can check up on how their little ones are doing!  All parents are welcome to stay with their children in the nursery in the event we are full, or anytime you want to stay!


WHAT TO EXPECT @ SUNDAY SCHOOL ~ Sunday mornings begin with special worship designed just for kids! Live worship keeps kids excited about worshiping God and gets kids ready for Sunday School. Children's worship is Bumblebees (K4) thru 5th grade. An optional offering is taken during children's worship which directly supports two children we sponsor through Compassion International. Our kids are given updates on our sponsored children throughout the year. 

After worship the Bumblebees (K4) - 5th grade will go upstairs into the classrooms where they will learn bible based lessons from Answers in Genesis Sunday School Curriculum, Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC). Each age group will be taught lessons in a level for their age/grade groups

Our Ladybugs (2yrs), Doodlebugs(3yrs) and Lightning Bugs (special needs) meet in the ed building for great bible lessons using Group's publishing Simply Loved curriculum with volunteer teachers and helpers. Doodlebugs meet in 102, Ladybugs meet in 104 and Lightning Bugs meet in 201.

Teachers and helpers are committed to give every child the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are determined to show every child that he or she is loved by God and loved by us!  Kids who have made commitments to Jesus are encouraged to grow in a relationship with Him.

During the summer we change things up for Bumblebees through 5th grade with group style lessons that are fun, get the kids moving and are Jesus centered. 1st service kiddos will meet in room 109 of the education building and 2nd service kiddos will meet in the sanctuary.

Our Ladybugs, Doodlebugs and Lightning Bugs  meet in the ed building for great bible lessons using Group's Simply Loved curriculum with volunteer teachers and helpers. Doodlebugs meet in 102, Ladybugs meet in 104 and Lightning Bugs meet in 201 as they do during the rest of the year.



ABOUT WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY NIGHTS ~ Childcare is available for Nursery aged children. We have Kid's Church for ages 2 years through 5th grade. Our Sunday PM and Wednesday night Kid's church offers age-appropriate, fun lessons outside of what we teach on Sunday mornings. All our lessons are bible based and interactive so the children can get deeper into what Jesus has for them. Sunday and Wednesday nights may have movie nights, games and more. Your kid will love coming to these services. 


We are committed to give every child that comes thru our doors the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire for every child to know that he or she is loved by God, and loved by us, as we serve them through the teaching of the Bible.


  • to provide Jesus Christ’s example of love and acceptance to the kids we minister to.
  • to create a safe, fun and interesting atmosphere for children to enjoy.
  • teach age appropriate curriculum that interest and challenges each age group
  • to evangelize children to give them the opportunity to accept Jesus as their personal Savior.
  • encourage children to share their Savior with their friends and family.
  • to train and equip our volunteers to be able to carry out these goals.


Children’s Ministry volunteers have attended Calvary Chapel for at least 1 year and they all love the Lord and love kids! Our teachers and helpers commit to a full 9 months of service! Others volunteer for the summer months to give the school year team a break. All staff and volunteers have submitted to a national background check as well. Greg DeRoos is the Children’s Ministry coordinator at Calvary. If you would like to contact him or if you have general children’s ministry questions, please complete the email form below.

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